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Pre-Primary Ballet

Ages 3-6

A class designed especially for children between the ages of three and six years of age to teach young children the basic elements of movement and dance: space and how we relate to it both as an individual and as a member of a group; the eight basic locomotor movements that relate to all forms of dancing; musicality, rhythm, beat, and time; opposites and directions; and some elementary positions of ballet. Integrated with these physical concepts are the intellectual concepts of self-awareness, creative expression, imagination and teamwork.

Primary Ballet

Transitional Creative Movement and Basic Ballet Ages 5-8

This class involves creative movement, flexibility, and coordination exercises, as well as a continuation of the physical and intellectual concepts introduced during the Pre-Primary level. Basic Ballet steps and terminology are taught to acquaint the child with a dance vocabulary. This class will provide a smooth transition into the first year of elementary ballet technique.

Classical Ballet Technique

Royal Academy of Dancing Syllabus, Graded Class Levels Ages 7 & up

An artistic form of dance characterized by grace and precision of movement. Ballet is considered to one of the earliest forms of formal dance. The students will be learning ballet technique as established by the Royal Academy of Dancing, London, England. Students are advanced through the graded levels upon mastery of the physical technique as well as a sound comprehensive understanding of the intellectual workings of the technique.


By Teacher Recommendation

The accumulation of advanced ballet technique continues on with pointe work. The ultimate goal for any ballet study. This class is offered only to qualified students and with the instructor's permission.


Cunningham Based Technique

A dance technique developed out of classical ballet as a way of exploring the use and flow of gravity and abstract concepts. This dance technique offers students the opportunity to develop and strengthen muscles through creative expressions of movement.


Offered To Dancers Age 8 & up

A dance form that is matched to the rhythms and style of Jazz music through the Swing Era and includes the Lindy Hop. It can be found in Broadway musicals, theatrical, and stage productions. Dancers will learn the complexities of rhythm in music and dance, the use of movement isolations, improvisation, in contrast with the usage of a low center of gravity. Dancers will focus on energy, musicality, and performance quality along with intricate footwork, movement patterns, leaps, turns, and flexibility.


By Teacher Invitation Only

Dancers need to have a mastery of ballet technique and a strong modern dance background. This class focuses on the relatively new genre of dance know as Contemporary Dance. This form of dance combines the strong and controlled legwork of ballet with modern dance's stress on the torso, and also employs the use of fall and recovery, contract and release, floor work, and improvisation.

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